The Soft, Cool Comfort of Natural Rayon Fabric

Posted by TheHip Outfitters on

That's right, I said NATURAL rayon fabric. Yes, rayon is man-made, but it is not synthetic like many man-made fibers. Rayon is a natural product, manufactured from cellulose (wood pulp). And while rayon is not as strong as cotton, it drapes and flows better, and feels silky soft. It's light-weight, breathable nature makes rayon a perfect fabric for sundresses, sarongs, summer and tropical styles. It's also easy to pack for your cruise or island resort vacation, requiring only a quick steam or light iron, and it's a fast-drying fabric too.

When tie-dying rayon, be gentle! Rayon takes up dye beautifully, with rich, gorgeous results, but it's more fragile than cotton when wet. Fold and bind with care and the rewards will be worth the extra effort. 

theHipOutfitters recommends hand washing in cold water and drip drying all of your rayon garments and accessories for the longest life. Iron on the silk setting or steam with a garment steamer. Rayon, like cotton, will shrink if exposed to the high temps of a dryer, so while you can get by with machine washing on a gentle cycle, just don't be tempted to toss in the dryer. Just....don't. 



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